DABRO Music - Post Guitar Vol.3 (WAV)

DABROmusic has prepared a new, stunning set for fans of live guitar music. Post Guitar Vol.3 has a lot of warm guitar sounds with a melancholic atmosphere. You will find real melodies, harmonies and chords with a unique sound and all the nuances of live guitars. You will also receive many additional single chords and strokes to help you create a lively ambience in your tracks. Post Guitar Vol 3 is a delightful collection of guitar samples from DABROmusic, recorded in their studio using popular electric guitar models and analog effect chains. Content SPECS: 100 Guitar Loops Dry 100 Guitar Loops Wet 110 Guitar Hits Dry 110 Guitar Hits wet

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DABRO Music - Post Guitar Vol.3 (WAV)File Size 871.3 MB

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