iZotope - Tonal Balance Control Pro AU, AAX, VST2, VST3 x64 (macOS)

Tonal Balance Control is a kind of analyzer that shows how much the frequency balance of your mix has deviated from the desired level. Tonal Balance is designed to display the interaction of frequencies with each other and is the main analyzer when mixing music. A common example of a mix that demonstrates poor track balance control is when you can't hear the vocals, so you have to turn up the volume (which raises the bass and puts pressure on your ears). Understanding how the plugin works will help you get rid of the imperfect environment in which you listen to your project and speed up the mixing and mastering process. To this end, iZotope has created a Tonal Balance Control plug-in that allows spectral information to be visualized in a unique way. The module was equipped with new genre presets: now you can look at the frequency content of tracks in different styles of music. The analyzer's data is based on thousands of songs in different genres - the algorithm analyzed many songs to get average information about the ratio of frequencies in metal, rock, hip-hop, jazz and other styles. The information will be especially useful for producers working in a wide range of fields.


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