Acon Digital Acoustica Premium 7.3.23

A professional program that will allow you to enter audio recording, editing and mastering at a high level. Immediately I would like to note the intuitive user interface in which it is actually pleasant to work. It has been designed so you can get up to speed and get started as quickly as possible with access to powerful tools. All audio files that you have edited can be immediately burned to a CD, while you will have the opportunity to add various sound effects to the track. Please note that the program supports work with different acoustics from 5.1 to 7.1, and the maximum sampling rate is 384 kHz. You can customize the toolbar and menus, if you want, you can use the undo button of your action, Acon Digital Media Acoustica provides standard tools for editing a track, you can cut, copy, paste and edit tracks.
Acon Digital Acoustica Premium 7.3.23File Size 259.9 MB

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