Algoriddim Neural Mix Pro 1.1.1 - MacOS

Having previously added Neural Mix technology to their djay app, Algoriddim has now released Neural Mix Pro, a standalone music player and editor for Mac that promises to let you separate instruments and vocals in any song and export individual tracks so they can be used in your DAW. This "real-time music source sharing" technology clearly has tremendous potential for those looking to sample and remix, although you will obviously have to consider the legal implications of this. The browser allows you to sort and select tracks, and there is also a loop editor so you can trim the audio perfectly. You can also change the key and tempo of the songs you play - the built-in zplane élastique Pro V3 engine - as well as isolate and mute individual instruments. This could give the program the potential as a backing tool for musicians to play along with.
Algoriddim Neural Mix Pro 1.1.1 - MacOSFile Size 81 MB

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