MAGIX - Samplitude Pro X6 Suite x64

The latest version of Samplitude offers above all a completely new level of sound editing. ARA and Melodyne essential allows you to achieve results that you could not even dream of before. Unprecedented Functional Power: The latest version update brings Samplitude Pro X's audio experience to a whole new level. Now you can copy tracks even from one project to another. In this case, you can choose which of the settings will be saved during transfer (these can be VST modules, AUX buses, Submix buses, return VSTi elements, and others). New opportunities will greatly facilitate your work at all stages. Powerful. Stable. True to life: Our powerful digital workstation update includes over 100 enhancements and new features, including the ability to seamlessly integrate external sound editors such as SOUND FORGE Pro or SpectraLayers Pro. All Samplitude Pro X users can download the update for free.

MAGIX - Samplitude Pro X6 Suite x64File Size 921 MB

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