Neuratron PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate

The program allows you to recognize printed and handwritten musical scores. And also you can enter notes in handwritten format on your tablet PC, the program recognizes them and converts them into printed notes. The program is also very useful for those who work with sheet music editors. It cannot recognize the text 100%, but it greatly facilitates the task of digitizing the musical text. After digitizing, you can unload sheet music in a format convenient for you: * .opt (understands the sheet music editor Sibelius) or MusicXML (understands most of the sheet music editors). The source can be notes on paper (input from a scanner), files in graphic formats (JPG / TIFF / BMP), PDF files (and there are tons of them on the Internet!). The program recognizes most musical symbols, including: • Notes and chords (including the direction of calm, ribs and flags), pauses, grace notes and deserted notes (from one staff to another). • Signs of alteration, signs of articulation. • Keys, key signs, metric dimensions. • Systems, 5-line staff (regular and reduced), 6-line guitar tablatures, standard bar lines. 4- and 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-line drum staff, double bar lines and recapitulations. • Linking leagues, phrasing leagues and forks. • Tuplets (triplets). • Lyrics, including vocal lyrics, dynamic notation, tempo, instrument names, title and composer, guitar chord notation and fingering. • Schemes (diagrams) of guitar chords. • Various other markings such as code and senio marks, melismas, pedal and volt markings. • Page format, including page size, staff size, margins and system endings. Up to 64 staffs per page, up to 400 pages per score; notes up to 1/128 are recognized. After recognizing the score, the program allows you to extract the parts of individual instruments, play the score or individual parts, print out, etc.

Neuratron PhotoScore & NotateMe UltimateFile Size 94.9 MB

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