PSPaudioware - PSP NobleQ v1.8.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

PSP NobleQ combines the functions of passive software equalizers with a wide range of frequency settings and advanced functionality. To make this plugin a versatile tool, we've added several advanced features such as an adjustable high-pass filter and the ability to switch high-pass filters and shelves to "Boost" or "Cut". PSP NobleQ stands out for its warm sound, low gain and cut filters, and combined peak and low frequency processing. The warm and musical sound in PSP NobleQ is made possible by its superior processing using double FAT sampling for natural analogue response. We've also added an outlet valve-like rounding algorithm with adjustable working depth. The low shelf filter actually combines the two sections of shelving: the first allows the low frequencies to be increased, while the other attenuates them, but is tuned slightly higher. Together they help to obtain a rich bottom end without low-to-medium haze. The high frequency range consists of two filters - a peak filter with adjustable bandwidth (usually set for boost) and a shelving filter (usually set for cut). Both filters interact in such a way that the more high frequency attenuation is applied, the more selective the peak filter becomes, while keeping its center frequency similarly boosted. PSP NobleQex is an enhanced version of PSP NobleQ. It offers all the PSP NobleQ features combined with an optional middle bell filter and adjustable low shelf dive frequency offset

PSPaudioware - PSP NobleQ v1.8.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64File Size 21.3 MB

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