Sonuscore - Ancient Duduk Phrases (KONTAKT)

INSPIRING, COLORFUL STORY SOUNDS "Ancient phrases in duduk" allow you to travel through time and space. Created over 1,500 years ago in Armenia, the duduk instrument is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List and has been reflected in countless musical performances. The large tongue creates a colorful tone perfect for atmospheric soundtracks and complements an orchestral palette. This creative instrument comes with live recorded phrases and a memorable legato patch. ANNA MKHITARYAN - ARTIST BY THE ANCIENT DUDUK Anna Mkhitaryan is a musician and leader of an ethno-musical group from Yerevan, Armenia. In 2011 she graduated from the Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory with a master's degree. She is the founder of the Tsakhruk international festival of ethnic Armenian music and, together with her sister, runs the cultural center of the same name and a music group for people with disabilities. Anna also plays other spiritual traditional Armenian instruments: pku and zurna, and often takes part in recordings and concerts. “When I received an offer from Sonuscore,” says Anna, “I immediately imagined how the Armenian ethnic instrument duduk would be ideal for any film.” CLEAN AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE Inspired by our lyric series, we've created the same intuitive and easy-to-use interface that gives you instant access to the most important functions, as well as the freedom to dive deeper to shape the sound you want. LIVE PHRASES Duduk has created an evocative atmosphere for hundreds of years. Ancient Duduk Phrases transmits these wonderful sounds from the past, recorded using the most modern technology. All phrases are divided into 10 main lyric themes in three keys (C, F, A) and seven bonus themes in one key each. Each theme is unique in its style and includes sets of expressive and emotional phrases. ANCIENT DUDUK PHRASES - 600+ live recorded phrases in 17 themes - Fully playable legato instrument - 7 sustain options with varied patterns - Deeply emotional and panoramic sound LEGATO INSTRUMENT Ancient Duduk Phrases combines the power of traditional sampling and phrase sampling with its own beautiful legato instrument. In addition, we've included articulation sustain with seven different patterns such as trills, vibrato and accents, bringing you the full splendor of duduk. The legato tool can be easily used to link or promote existing phrases, even to create your own, making it easy to translate your creative vision into musical scores. The FX PAGE Ancient Duduk Phrases includes modern instruments such as built-in EQ, delay and reverb. Get instant access to the most important features and the ability to dive deeper into perfect sound.

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