Vocal Roads - Arabian Vocal Hooks (WAV)

Vocal Roads' presents the world of fusion of instruments and mesmerizing Vocal vocals Hooks, a massive set of breathtaking vocals samples with backings, adlibs, words and live instruments like Saz, Doul, Nogora, Tabla, Bouzouki, Chumbush, Violin, Diora, etc. 100% Royalty FREE !!! Check out this placer of gold to be the first to grab it - oh, holy plea! - 1.44 GB with 535 files of hypnotic content. All audio at 24 bit and 44.1 kHz. Arabian Vocal Hooks includes 5 songs plus 22 raw vocal bases, 10 raw backing vocal bases, 110 raw female phrases, 95 raw female edlibs, 12 processed male edlibs and 14 processed vocal bases. The instrumental part of this package contains 32 processed stems (bass, drum, melody, etc.), 29 hits (Doul, Nogora, Tabla), 92 loops (Bouzouki, Chumbush, Saz, Violin), 92 percussion and drum loops ( Diora, Dole, Nogora, Tabla). In addition, you will find a variety of midi chord progressions lovingly created by our respected professionals for each vocal part. This way, you can easily find the right mood for the selected vocals and create a truly bold track. A total of 25 midi chords are included. The carefully selected 110 bpm average tempo makes these brilliant vocals well suited to a myriad of soulful genres such as house, deep house, pop, folktronic and others. Also in this pack you will find five bonus videos with the best tips for creative vocals. Content 1.44gb 24Bit 44.1KHZ 535 files 5 songs 2 demos 5 lyrics 22 dry main voc stems 10 dry back voc stems 110 dry female phrases 95 dry female adlibs 12 wet male adlibs 14 wet vocal stems 25 midi files 32 wet stems (bass, drum, melody, etc.) 20 sampler (Saz) 29 hits (Doul, Nogora, Tabla) 92 loops (Bouzouki, Chumbush, Saz, Violin) 92 perc & drum loops (Diora, Doul, Nogora, Tabla)

Vocal Roads - Arabian Vocal Hooks (WAV)File Size 1.44 GB

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