Alfred 4 Powerpack 4.6.2 - MacOS

Application launcher for macOS. It would be wrong to say that Alfred is only for launching applications. Among its functions, you can highlight the search for applications (this is understandable), system settings panels, Safari bookmarks, contacts, folders, and even ActionScript scripts. Calling the Alfred window is very simple - the default key combination is Alt + Space (as in Spotlight), after which you can write the name of the application you are looking for, which will be displayed in the list. The utility allows you to quickly access other list items using the Cmd + number combination. The user can expand the search results using modifier keys: pressing Alt+Return will send the query to the web search engine, and changing Alt to Control will search in Spotlight. In addition, triggers can be used in the application - words that allow Alfred to change his purpose. For example, to ask him to open a specific file, you need to write open filename.extension, and to force a search through the system, the word open must be replaced with find.

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