Atom Hub - Vagabond Crystal (KONTAKT)

The Vagabond Crystal sample library was created to use the sounds of bells, glass and metal objects. Various objects and samples were used: a singing bowl, Tibetan bells, a small gong, wine glasses, a lid for dishes, water, stones, a synthesizer, as well as hardware and software effectors. The idea was to pay homage to crystalline, brilliant sounds, soundscapes and... caves. Yes, these sounds, their long delays and brilliance, instantly conjure up images of caves and descent into their eerie depths in my mind. I wander through their stone halls, corridors and galleries and marvel at the silent beauty of Mother Nature's work of art. Stalagmites and stalactites, like statues, guard the returning echo of water droplets flowing from damp, cold walls and ceilings. The underground river carries me away from the surface. Time freezes in the dark, the eyes do not see. The imagination comes alive. I become a crystal that wanders in the dark like a homeless vagrant.

Atom Hub - Vagabond Crystal (KONTAKT)File Size 897.6MB

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