Best Service - Ancient ERA Persia v1.1 (ENGINE 2)

Library of sounds of the ancient east for Best Service - Engine sampler Many thanks to Gordon Shumwау (Team VR) for the decrypt key for this library Installation Copy the file 00000400 from the keys folder and place it along the path C:\ProgramData\Best Service\Engine\keys Register the library with any key (6 by 6 blocks), for example: 444444-444444-444444-444444-444444-444444 For those who use R2R release - file in R2R engine Key folder
Best Service - Ancient ERA Persia v1.1 (ENGINE 2)File Size 17.57GB

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  1. It is worth remembering that of all bookstores Dark era, Ancient era persia, arabic – and oud,ERA II Medieval Legends-Celtic Era
    It doesn’t work in your standalone engine-only DAW. for now it still hasn’t worked out, the other bookstores in the collection can download following the instructions that will work in your DAW and in the independent version

  2. Sir, I have downloaded this library and added into Best Service Engine 2. But when I try to open any Instrument for example RABAB, then it shows "RABAB_SUSTAIN_vel1_a#3_rr1.wav" - the file format can not be recognized or the file might be corrupt! So, sir please provide a solution for this. Thanks.


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