East West - Symphonic Choirs Platinum v1.0.9 (EAST WEST PLAY)

Imagine typing words on your computer in any language and hearing a world-class symphony choir sing those words in whatever keys you play "live" on your keyboard controller! Well imagine no more, that's exactly what this revolutionary "award-winning" virtual instrument does. In addition, the Platinum version (the Gold version has one mic position and is 16-bit) is the first 24-bit Choir virtual instrument that includes three simultaneous stereo microphone settings (near, stage, and hall), so users can mix any combination microphone position for ambiance control. The choirs were recorded in the same concert hall by the same team as the East-West Symphony Orchestra and fit perfectly with the EWQLSO.

East West - Symphonic Choirs Platinum v1.0.9 (EAST WEST PLAY)File Size 39.85 GB

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