Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management 4.6.8 - MacOS

Firetask lets busy people complete Kanban-style tasks. From recording your thoughts and managing your personal affairs to organizing and focusing on your most important tasks, Firetask combines Kanban and GTD in a unique way. Competent planning is, if not a guarantee of success, then at least an effective means of achieving a good result in any endeavor. Today we will talk about another such manager, which is more focused on working with projects and is called Firetask. One of the main differences between Firetask and other similar applications is the ability to add tasks to a project, as well as create projects themselves, while in any of the sections. A task can be linked to a specific project from among the existing ones in a couple of mouse clicks, assign a category and link to a specific date, and set the priority of importance.

Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management 4.6.8 - MacOSFile Size 8.58 MB 

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