Linux Home & Gaming 22.7.7 Mint, Mate DE - Linux

Gnu/Linux-Mint based operating system with Mate 1.22 shell and Wine 6.21 and Kernel 5.15 DXVK 1.9 included, which allows DirectX9-12 games and programs to run through Vulkan instead of OpenGL, with improved performance. DX12 only works in linux versions of game repacks. The goal is to provide a quick start and immediately start working or testing the possibilities of games on Linux. Nvidia version with pre-installed Nvidia 460 driver . * This build is the product of many people and projects. Whenever possible, she tries to combine the best of what is in the world of Linux for a quick start. I just completed the kit and the ability to quickly install.

Linux Home & Gaming 22.7.7 Mint, Mate DE - LinuxFile Size 2.78 GB

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