Music Morpher Gold 4.0.71

AV Music Morpher Gold is the most advanced and complete music editor for creative DJs, at an affordable price. This DJ software includes all common audio editing commands and effects such as wah-wah, flanger, echo - reverb, etc. What makes this software different from others is that Dj mixer helps you change voice and tempo, add different percussive sounds - drums and apply special effects in real time. The new version has improved the Wave editor, allowing users to edit and mix many tracks to make interesting DJ music, mixes, ringtones, and more. The Wave Editor is a simple wave editing tool that saves you money and doesn't have to buy another audio editing program like Sound Forge. In addition, AV Music Morpher Gold contains a new Voice Extractor and Voice Remover with improved algorithms for separating the singer's voice from the music in a song. Music Morpher Gold includes an MP3 writer and a disc changer. Unlike other MP3 players such as Winamp, MusicMatch, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, Music Morpher Gold can play and change music in real time. The effects mixer and effects library are designed for your varied tastes. This toolkit also works as an MP3 converter, very useful in converting MP3 to WAV, WMA or any of the 10 supported music formats. Music Morpher Gold an easy CD creator comes with: CD ripper to burn audio tracks to hard disk, burner to burn audio CD, data CD and DVD data, cover designer to design CD and DVD covers. The multi-format audio player supports MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, AU, IRC formats. It is the best choice for launching tracks in various formats, especially music downloaded from various file sharing systems such as Kazaa, iMesh, eMusic, Napster, and Music Net. Music Morpher Gold is karaoke compatible. Music Morpher Gold is ideal for online music transformation, music mixing, custom CD creation, karaoke CD, audio track and audio clips. With the help of AV Music Morpher, you can change any song beyond recognition by changing the singer's voice and making it female, male, childish, more masculine or more gentle... The timbre, frequency and level can be changed in the singer's voice, and then can be added sound effects to create a wide variety of different voices. By increasing or decreasing the tempo value, you can make the speed of the song faster or slower, thus changing the style and genre. You can clone CDs and modify their content using Cover Editor, create CD covers. Your music can be enhanced with equalizer settings and available audio effects, and then saved to a new file. AV Music Morpher has a built-in 10-band equalizer, as well as many effects for mixing and editing sound. You can modify or combine effects for noise reduction, auto volume equalization, volume adjustment, and surround sound to enhance the quality of your music.
Music Morpher Gold 4.0.71File Size 9.4 MB

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