Wavelet Audio - Ashen Scoring Cello (KONTAKT)

As composers, we understand the importance of a quality cello instrument with traditional and non-traditional articulation. Each sample has been cut and edited by hand to capture the beautiful tone of the cello. Recorded up to 8 looping algorithms and 4 dynamic layers for incredible realism. For short articulations, we did not record individual samples one after another, but real performances, and took samples from real replays. This method is called "Repeat Sample". It adds a more general musicality and energy, increases density and focuses on attacking samples. Ashen Scoring Cello was created primarily for film composers who need a unique and inimitable voice. It includes some standard repertoire like long legato and pizzicato, but it also has some really great articulations like credit card strumming, a very nasty sul ponticello, and even cello body percussion. The second important part of our library is the advanced performance builder. This tool can be used in many situations and for many purposes. For example, you can create a harmony and then play a melody using played instruments over it. Or, you can create interesting rhythm patterns that perfectly complement the main rhythms of the composition. All performances go well together and are divided into five categories: melodies, harmonies, rhythms, percussion and others. We also prepared a bunch of presets / snapshots and programmed an intelligent randomization function. The performance designer did not intend to completely replace the entire cellist. But more as an addition to the arrangement. It is not created as a sound toy that completely replaces the performer. Beautifully performed by the extremely talented Alder & Ash and recorded in Montreal, Quebec.

Wavelet Audio - Ashen Scoring Cello (KONTAKT)File Size 3.01 GB

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