Beautiful Void Audio / Audio Reward - Tempus (KONTAKT)

Tempus is a two voice granular instrument inspired by the audio space, where tempo becomes pitch and pitch becomes tempo. Tempus has 500+ sound sources and you can combine any sound source with any other. It has 3 different game modes: Granular, Hybrid and One-shot. These sound sources were developed around the idea of ​​fast and repeating short staccato notes that are played so fast that they merge into a single audio stream with an original and unique timbre. Tempus runs these sound sources through its sophisticated granular engine for an original and unique result useful in a wide range of styles and musical genres. There is a wide range of intuitive and easy to use controls for creating and manipulating the output, how and where it will be created, as well as sends and voice effects and a unique gate system.

Beautiful Void Audio / Audio Reward - Tempus (KONTAKT)File Size 8.58GB

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