E-Clip - Psychedelic Tips Vol.2 - Tutorial

Psychedelic Tips Vol.2 contains 10 hours of video material. In this course, you will be able to see the whole process of creating a track from the very beginning. The first section of the course is about how to make a drum template. Starting with the synthesis of the kick and its full processing, continuing with the synthesis and processing of the bass using three different VSTi (Rapture, Serum and Sylenth). After that, you can learn how to create and level hi-hats so that they sound sharp, tight and process them with all possible details. Snare layering and all the techniques to make the snare drum powerful and beautiful. The end of the first section talks about adding sweeps and noises and how you can make them yourself. Once your drums are ready, the second part of the course focuses on singles, synthesis, arpeggiated melodies, leads, arranging, and all aspects of the creative part of making psytrance music. You will be able to explore all kinds of synthesis, layering, melodic writing, psychedelic sequences, additional groove elements and all possible details about all these parts of the psytrance track. The third part of the course is dedicated to mixing, where you can learn many different techniques for mixing your tracks. And the last fourth section is devoted to mastering your own tracks. I am more than happy to be able to pass on my knowledge to all people who are interested in learning how to make psychedelic trance music. Content 1.1 - Building the Kick (Kick2, Bazzism2 _ Processing) 1.2 - BASS LINE 1.3 - HI HATS 1.4 - SNARE 1.5 - NOISES, HITS, RISERES _ SWEEPS 1.6 - ADJUSTING THE TEMPLATE 2.0 - SOUND DESIGN SYNTHESIS (SERUM, SYLENTH, ALBINO 3) 2.1 - SINGLE SHOT SOUNDS _ ATMOSPHERES 2.2 - ADDITIONAL GROOVE ELEMENTS 2.3 - ARPs, MELLODIES, SEQUENCES _ ARRANGEMET 2.4 - MODERN ARRAGEMENT 3 - MIXING 4 - MASTERING In the distribution there are presets and a drum kit.

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