Production Master - Retrowave 1 - Synthwave & 80s Retro (WAV, MIDI, SERUM)

Synthwave & 80's Retro is a brand new XL set that will take you back to the 80s! If synthwave is the style you're after, then this 1GB+ pack is sure to satisfy your senses. In "Retro Wave: Synthwave & 80's Retro", we focused on authentic experience of classic synthwave characteristics. Created using analog instruments such as the Yamaha DX7, Roland Jupiter-8 and Virus TI and we used authentic 80's creation and processing methods. This pack is chock-full of vintage analog sounds, loops and one-shots from the 1980s-1989s. Authentic Drums & Percussion - We synthesized and layered over 200 drum beats and loops from scratch using vintage (Roland TR-707, LinnDrum) and modern instruments (Virus TI, Xfer Serum) to bring you a fresh set of synth drums and percussion that take your production to new heights. In this folder you'll find big reverb snare drums, deep kicks, sparkling hi-hats, tonal percussion hits, various tom rolls, impressive crashes, razor-sharp open hats and more. Many of the drums in this pack are treated with external effects pedals for a super fat and warm 80s vibe. Analog Vintage Sounds - We dug deep into our synth collection and dusted off some of the best vintage synths we've owned, such as the Yamaha DX7 and Roland Jupiter-8. This pack is full of classic and new synth samples. Engage in an overflow of moving arpeggios, basic square leads, pitch-bending synths, classic chords, Moog-style bass lines, vocal harmonies, rising and falling soundscapes, air pads, and even modified live recordings of various instruments. Special FX - The FX folder contains delightful sounds that can be turned into hits or ambiance, with an extensive combination of high quality ambiance and foley recordings to cut through your mix. Add these tension-inducing effects as an extra layer to enhance your creation and capture a mesmerizing mood that enhances the overall aesthetic of your music. 101 Xfer Serum presets. Last but not least, we've included 101 carefully crafted premium synthwave presets; leads, arpeggios, basses and bass step sequences, pads, plucks, all for playing as chords or solos. You will be amazed at the detail and authenticity of these presets. These presets also come with a set of brand new MIDI files to help jump-start your creativity. If you want to go back to the 80s, then "Retro Wave: Synthwave & 80's Retro" is your ticket.

Production Master - Retrowave 1 - Synthwave & 80s Retro (WAV, MIDI, SERUM)File Size 1.04GB

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