WinZip Mac Pro 9.0.5554 [macOS] [SN]

WinZip for Mac is a powerful archiver that will help you easily and conveniently compress and encrypt any files, saving disk space and optimizing mail attachments. Archiving files not only allows you to reduce the space occupied by files, but also allows you to send archives with sets of documents by e-mail. WinZip provides users with the best features and functions of WinZip in a new user-friendly interface. WinZip archivers provide the ability to archive files by drag and drop, includes tools that significantly increase productivity and allow you to significantly reduce the size of files, as well as protect the confidentiality of information. Compressed email attachments are sent instantly, with the elegance and ease of a Mac platform.

WinZip Mac Pro 9.0.5554 [macOS] [SN]File Size 23.7MB

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