Wireshark 3.6.2

Wireshark is a free sniffer designed to analyze the traffic of computer networks (Ethernet, FDDI, PPP, Token-Ring and others) in real time using the broadcast mode of the network card. The program supports various network protocols such as DNS, FDDI, ftp, HTTP, ICQ, IPV6, IPX, IRC, MAPI, MOUNT, NETBIOS, NFS, NNTP, POP, PPP, TCP, TELNET, X25 and allows you to thoroughly analyze network packets, displaying the value of each field of the protocol of any level. In addition, due to the ability to work with various input data formats, Wireshark can open data files captured by other programs, which expands its functionality.
Wireshark 3.6.2 File Size 212 MB

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