A.O.M. Audio Plug-ins - Total Bundle v1.14.1

Cyclic Panner is a unique pan/width control tool based on axes transformation. Invisible Limiter - A transparent brick wall limiter with automatic attack/release timing optimization. The Invisible Limiter G2 is a second generation transparent mastering limiter with new features. Stereo Imager D is a correlation-based stereo image processor. tranQuilizr is an equalizer plugin using fully customizable eight bands. Wave Shredder is a set of devastating processors: speed reducer, zero time shutter, Waveform Cut & Fold, chopper and beat crusher Sakura Dither dither plugin. It works in the last slot of the mastering effects chain. tranQuilizr G2 - (New plugin) is an equalizer plugin with transparent sound and intuitive operation.


A.O.M. Audio Plug-ins - Total Bundle v1.14.1File Size 171.3MB

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