BABY Audio - Crystalline v1.0.0 macOS Regged [R2R]

Meet CRYSTALLINE "Perfect algorithmic reverb" is often considered the "holy grail" of digital sound effects. In fact, the idea goes back to research in the 1960s. Throughout the 20th century, algorithmic reverbs evolved, but limited processing power forced manufacturers at the time to work within narrow limits. Fast forward, and we now have the resources to do things that couldn't be done in the golden age of studio reverb. Both in terms of pure sound quality and in terms of adding creative features that were not possible in the days of hardware processing. Crystalline stands on the shoulders of the 60-year pursuit of the "Holy Grail of DSP". We wondered what the pioneers of the legendary digital reverb would have done if they had the resources that we have today, and then we made this particular plugin. With all the bells and whistles a modern engineer would need.

Additional Information
Installation and activation 1. Install the plugin BABY Audio - Crystalline - Mac 1.0.0.pkg 2. In the Finder, in the "Go" menu, hold down the option key and select Library > / Application Support 3. Create a folder there with the name: af854ba56b229a56c422472ee764eba8 4. Throw the file into the created folder 0018...5492.lcs from R2R folder

File Size 73.3MB

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