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The characteristic oriental plucked string instrument Kanun is an instrument that captures the sound of the East like no other. Created in the form of a wooden harp and having 63 to 84 strings, it has influenced the music of the East since the 10th century. In any case, the first illustrations in the Syriac lexicon of Hassan Bar Bahlul date back to that time. Today, the characteristic sound of the qanun still plays an important role in traditional and contemporary oriental music. Syrian-born multi-instrumentalist Bassam Ayub has succeeded in making eve playable in the virtual world. His extensive experience in recording oriental instruments, combined with a deep understanding of their history and playing possibilities, has already been confirmed by libraries such as "Arabic Oud" and "Arabic E-Oud". Qanun impresses with outstanding authenticity in terms of playability and realism. This virtual replica of the traditional harp includes a total of 22 articulations, several layers of speed and up to 16 round picks, including all the main timbres that have made this wonderful instrument one of the most famous plucked instruments in the world.

Additional Information
How to install After adding the library, open libray and allow the license manager to open. Copy the product code from the license manager and paste it into the R2R keygen, click "Create License". A window will open asking for the R2RYTELC file, navigate to the library folder and select QANUN.r2rytelc. After selecting QANUN.r2rytelc Generate a response code in the keygen and paste it into the license manager ENGINE2 - Click ACTIVATE.


Best Service - Qanun (Engine 2) [YTP, YTIL, YTIF]File Size 2.51GB

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