Buying and Selling Cars 3.6.9

The program "Purchase and sale of cars"is designed to automate the accounting of contracts for the sale of motor vehicles, filling out and printing forms of contracts, statements, conclusions, acts, receipts and other documents used in the transaction. The program has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use. The program complies with all regulations and has the approval of the traffic police. The main features of the program: • Possibility of integration with the program "Accounting for OSAGO motor insurance" • Possibility to keep records of executed contracts (add, edit, copy, delete) • Possibility to work with the KLADR address classifier database • Possibility to search by contract number, by date of conclusion, by Name of seller and buyer • Ability to print various forms of contracts for the sale of vehicles • Ability to print statements in the traffic police REO • Ability to print receipts for the payment of state. duties • Possibility to print vehicle inspection document • Possibility to print powers of attorney for a vehicle • Possibility to print data in special marks of PTS • Possibility to print applications for issuance/replacement of driver's licenses • Possibility to save documents in PDF and JPEG file • Possibility to generate an operator's report for the current day • Ability to upload data from the program to MS Excel • Ability to store electronic documents in a database • Ability to save history by the number of printed forms • Ability to set an administrator password in the program • Ability to merge databases • Ability to back up the database • Ability to change the path to the database • Ability to use the calculator and calendar built into the program and much more.

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