DMG Audio - All Plugins 2022-03-28 CE-V.R VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX x86 x64

DMGAudio is Dave Gamble and collaborator Krzysztof Oktalski enriched with hundreds of ideas engineers, producers and sound specialists. Dave has worked in Pro-Audio for over a decade with prestigious companies such as Focusrite, Novation, Sonalksis, Neyrinck, Brainworx. DMGAudio was created to create the products we've always wanted; free from board restrictions and managed by our users.

Additional Information
• Compassion v1.25 - Highly configurable compressor • Dualism v1.15 - Dual analyzer • Equality v1.39 - Best possible analog EQ curves • Equick v1.21 - Fastest cutting edge EQ • Equilibrium v1.64 - Best flexible EQ • Essence v1.13 - the most powerful de-esser in the world • Expurgate v1.11 - Plugin for the development of the gate / expander genre • Limitless v1.15 - Multi-band two-stage limiter • Multiplicity v1.09 - 8 bands of crossover / dynamic EQ • Pitchfunk v1 .20 - Pitch Shifting Madness FX • Trackcomp v2.05 - 1 digital and 8 analog compressors • Trackcontrol v1.09 - Free Edge-of-channel utility • TrackDS v1.09 - Invisible deessing • Trackgate v1.09 - Smart Gateway • Tracklimit v1.09 - Broadband Limiter • Trackmeter v1.09 - Plot Set

DMG Audio - All Plugins 2022-03-28 CE-V.R VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX x86 x64File Size 49.1MB

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