Ghost Syndicate - Tentacles (WAV)

TENTACLES - "they" have developed a developed sense of time, which has influenced culture in general and music in particular. By the way, we studied their music as much as we could, and we managed to bring back a package of recorded samples of how their music sounds. We believe they call it something like "Future Beats" or "Future Hip-Hop" and that perfectly captures their biology compared to ours: heavyweight, sloppy and damn cool.

Additional Information
Content Size 558 mb BPM 85 Bass Loops 47 Drum Loops 20 Hat Loops 20 Top Loops 20 Percussion Loops 42 Kick & Snare Loops 20 Kick Loops 20 Snare Loops 20 Synth Loops 34 Atmo Loops 15 Fx Loops 20 Kicks 29 Snares 25 Percussion Hits 67 Fills 12 Fills twenty
Ghost Syndicate - Tentacles (WAV)File Size 532.7MB

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