Initial Audio - AR1 Reverb 1.2.0 VST, VST3

AR1 is an algorithmic reverb plugin designed to sound great on all types of instruments. The AR1 sounds great on pianos, bells, guitars and vocals, as well as more synthetic sounds like synth solos. We've tuned and tested for thousands of hours to achieve the perfect sound for whatever sound source you want to use. The reverb plugin is used to make the instruments sound like they are playing in a real place (hall, stadium, etc.), the algorithmic (i.e. real time) reverb has to recreate this very convincingly otherwise it will sound "wrong" or false. AR1 Reverb gives you the ability to create the space to your liking with very easy to use controls. We want, to be your plugin for quality reverb. The AR1 sounds great and is easy to use with a high definition interface that is a pleasure to work with. Be sure to try the demo and see for yourself.

Additional Information
Early Size: Controls the distance or size of any early reflections. Early Level: Adjusts how much the Early Size control affects the overall sound of the reverb. Size: Increases the size of the reverb space and also increases the length of the reverb tail. Width: Stereo width, at 0% the reverb will be completely mono, losing all stereo information. At 100%, the reverb sounds as wide as possible in the stereo field. Pre delay:the AR1 reverb response is delayed by the amount of pre-delay in milliseconds. This can give the effect of even more space or just sound more natural. Sound reflections usually take some time to reach the ear. Set the exact amount with a preliminary delay. Bandwidth: Reduces the amount of high frequencies in the reverb. This would make the reverb feel softer, for example in a room with upholstered furniture and carpets, rather than in a kitchen or bathroom with a lot of hard surfaces. Damping:controls how quickly the high frequencies of the reverb dissipate over time. More damping will make the reverb sound softer, and the overall volume of the reverb will also decrease faster. High damping means that the reverb is absorbed very quickly by the room and doesn't reverberate as much. Modulation: Adds a slight pitch modulation to the reverb tail. Mix: Controls how much of the original sound is mixed with the reverb. Set to 100 to get only the AR1 reverb tail.


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