Kirk Hunter Studios - Kinetic: Brass Motion Engine (KONTAKT)

World's most flexible ostinato brass - Various "short" samples applied to 4 brass sections in ONE instrument. - Create complex patterns without having to learn music theory - Intelligent brass motor - Bring wind movement with unrivaled ease - Powerful and intuitive design - Dynamic randomization with instant results - Wind instrument like no other - Epic and cinematic - Infinite results - Instant brass beats At the time of this writing, there was no other instrument that could play FOUR short samples of brass instruments (trumpets, horns, trombones and tubas) AT THE SAME TIME. But with Kinetic, you get the entire brass section in one instrument. This means you get a separate timeline for each section. Each timeline contains 64 notes or rests and can be divided into 4 "regions". And you can make each timeline play differently, whether you're holding a single note or a chord! Choose from 30 preset presets. And if you really want to fool around, you can choose any of the same 30 presets for each section separately. This means that trumpets can play the Superman preset, horns can play the Terminator preset, trombones can play the X-Men preset, and tubas can play the Cap. America" ​​EVERYTHING SIMULTANEOUSLY! And, of course, any or all of these templates can be edited. You can also download perpetual motion templates which include some very useful accents. These accents can be based on every 2, 3, 4 or 6 events. In addition, you can set whether the accents are subtle, moderate, or dynamic. Kinetic Brass contains 4 trumpets, 4 horns, 4 trombones and 2 tubas. Staccato, Marcato and Portato articulations included. And each articulation can be "lengthened or expanded." Recorded at First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica, where leading orchestras from Los Angeles record and perform.

Additional Information
to reset the usage counter: - open the file "/Data/all_notes_on_brass.nka" in a text editor and change the value of the second line to 0 or - delete the file "/Data/all_notes_on_brass.nka" to disable the usage counter: - set read-only access for all users to the file "/Data/all_notes_on_brass.nka"

Kirk Hunter Studios - Kinetic: Brass Motion Engine (KONTAKT)File Size 10.28GB

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