KORG - Wavestate Native 1.0.1 Standalone, VSTi 3, AAX

Korg has released a software version of the Wavestate synthesizer. According to the company, the plugin is identical to its hardware counterpart, allowing users to share presets and patches between them. The virtual versions of the Korg Wavestate are based on the same technologies as in the hardware editions of the synthesizer. Compatibility allows you to import both patches created in plug-ins into real instruments, and settings generated in devices into plug-ins. Korg's line of digital synthesizers, which includes the Wavestate, run on a unified hardware platform based on the Rapsberry Pi. This decision allowed the company to transfer the instruments to the software environment without any functional or sonic loss.

Additional Information
The Korg Wavestate Native plugin is fully compatible with the original digital synthesizer. The development is equipped with a Wave Sequencing 2.0 sound engine with support for 64-voice stereopolyphony. Users can control timing, waveform behavior and pitch independently, creating complex waveforms. For signal processing, filters are available from Korg MS-20 and Polysix, as well as a number of other processing. The modulation engine supports up to 4000 receivers without performance loss. The modulation section is complemented by an advanced randomizer with a lot of settings. The plugin comes with a sample library that Korg says is "thousands of times larger than the original Wavestation library."

KORG - Wavestate Native 1.0.1 Standalone, VSTi 3, AAXFile Size 1.75 GB

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