Native Instruments - Reverb Classics 1.4.2 VST, VST3, AAX

Native Instruments Reverb Classics - two virtual models of vintage reverbs. Reverb Classics are two RC24 and RC48 plug-ins that model classic reverbs from the 1980s and 1990s. The plugins were created in collaboration with Softube, a Swedish company that is known for its work on accurate emulation of audio hardware.

Additional Information
The most interesting feature of Reverb Classics is the graphic display, which takes up about half of the interface. It effectively visualizes the shape and depth of the reverb, as well as the decay of the reverb tail. The display responds immediately to parameter changes, allowing users to visually monitor the effect in real time. Inspired by one of the first digital studio reverbs, the RC 24 uses the Large Hall, Small Hall and Room algorithms to bring out the signature sound of 12-bit ADCs in the mix. The RC 24 is equally useful on acoustic and electronic tracks for adding space and texture while retaining the original harmonics of the sound. At maximum settings, the plugin can be used as a creative sound design tool, turning relatively simple drum sounds into metallic percussion textures, tight pads, or anything in between. The RC 48 delivers a "lush" musical reverb that adds depth to vocals and acoustic instruments. A wide range of versatile textures can be obtained by adjusting the Diffusion and Spread parameters, while an additional Effect option applied to the Size fader allows users to create interesting new modulation effects. The Random Hall algorithm features Spin and Wander settings to provide random movement with lively, natural trails.

Native Instruments - Reverb Classics 1.4.2 VST, VST3, AAXFile Size 285 MB

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