Native Instruments - Supercharger GT 1.4.2 VST, VST3, AAX

Supercharger GT is a compressor that simulates the sound of a tube device and is a modification of the Supercharger plugin released in December 2013. The Supercharger GT differs from the previous version by the presence of new Saturation and Character modes, as well as additional controls for fine-tuning the sound.

Additional Information
Like its predecessor, the Supercharger GT provides "warm tube" compression. The effect is easy to use, multiple controls provide a wide range of sounds. An input knob and a handy visual indicator allow producers to set the correct input level for the compressor. Once the input level is set, the Compress knob lets you quickly select the desired compression effects. Compress is a macro knob that automatically adjusts several parameters, including make-up gain, decay time control responsiveness, and saturation level. Punch and Dirt buttons allow you to make the sound more "percussive" and saturated, respectively. The Saturation knob lets you choose one of three ways to add harmonics - Mild, Crisp or Slam. In the first case, the Supercharger GT adds a small amount of harmonics, and in more extreme settings, the user can get a rougher and even distorted sound coloration. The Character knob will help you fill in missing lows and smooth out unruly highs with Fat, Warm and Aggressive presets. In addition, the Mid/Side mode allows producers to add space to the mix by applying the effect only to the left and right sides of the signal - an optimal solution for adjusting the stereo base. A high-frequency detector prevents the compressor from falsely triggering from a "naughty" low-frequency signal.

Native Instruments - Supercharger GT 1.4.2 VST, VST3, AAXFile Size 149 MB

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