Orchestral Tools – Berlin Strings KONTAKT v1.1

Orchestral Tools – Berlin Strings KONTAKT Lite Version is a powerful and comprehensive audio processing application comes with a wide range of naturally rich and dynamic stringed instruments to help you produce impressive sounds. It provides solo and ensemble violin, viola, cello and double bass, all recorded in their natural positions within the orchestra, complete with a number of articulations. It also includes mid-sized ensembles which provide exceptional detail and definition, enhanced with multiple legato modes, tempo-synced runs. Orchestral Tools – Berlin Strings KONTAKT combines the power of five meticulously captured string sections with a variety of articulations and exceptional dynamic range that give you unlimited creative capabilities.

Additional Information
Orchestral Tools – Berlin Strings KONTAKT Lite Version is the ultimate application which enables you to get a true, authentic, and immediate representation of your composition, right out of the box. It comes loaded with innovative tools and features to help you create detailed and true-to-life string compositions. The generated sound is natural, balanced, and blends perfectly with other Berlin Series collections. All instruments were carefully recorded at the same natural gain levels, with musicians located in traditional orchestra seating positions. It enables sound designers to seamlessly incorporate new sounds and customize their virtual orchestra for each project. It also includes thousands of risers, effect glissandos, clusters and the new tempo-synced Measured Trills allowing you to create a controllable arsenal of playable effect articulations throughout the full natural instrument ranges. Round Robins on several articulations and controllable dynamic layers for most of the patches let you break through the limitations of simple one shot effect samples.

Orchestral Tools – Berlin Strings KONTAKT v1.1File Size 2.1 GB

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