Steinberg - Cubase Pro 12 Content (SOUNDBANK)

VST Sound and Loop Sets are sound libraries specially designed for Cubase and Nuendo users. Technically, they are a set of well marked up sound files combined into a single file. All VST sound sets and loops have the .vstsound filename extension.

Additional Information
Content 1.Verve Presets.vstsound 2.Drum Loop Expansion 01.vstsound 3.LoopMash Loop Set 01.vstsound 4.LoopMash Loop Set 02.vstsound 5.EDM_Toolbox_MIDI_Loops.vstsound 6.Rock Pop Toolbox 01.vstsound 7.Rock Pop Toolbox 02. vstsound 8.Caleidoscope.vstsound 9.Vintage Verb Collection.vstsound 10.Analog Techno.vstsound 11.Blockbuster.vstsound 12.Hip Hop Vault.vstsound 13.Ambience.vstsound 14.Soul_Assembly.vstsound 15.Mystic_Spaces.vstsound 16.Bloom. vstsound 17.Dancefloor Tech House.vstsound 18.Hard Knocks.vstsound 19.Lo Fi Dreams.vstsound 20.Night Call Synthwave.vstsound 21.Noir.vstsound 22.SequelContent.vstsound

File Size : 28.89GB

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