Steinberg - Cubase Pro 12.0.20 x64 R2R No Install

It is very convenient to create, mix, record music by means of the Steinberg Cubase sound workstation. A rich selection of virtual instruments, the use of advanced technologies and an extensive audio library of ready-made elements for soundtrack design turn the work of sound recording into a creative process that ensures the realization of ideas of any complexity and guarantees high-quality results. Cubase contains all the necessary tools for developing, mixing and recording sound compositions by beginners, and is also applicable for home use.

Additional Information
The update introduces some improvements to the new MIDI Remote integration and also a lot of fixes and enhancements in other areas of the application. Performance and stability issues The 12.0.20 update addresses a couple of performance issues that occurred with different combinations of CPUs, plug-ins, MIDI Remote controllers, project settings or preferences. The performance on systems with many cores and short sample buffers sizes in particular will improve with this update. We will continue to investigate performance issues on specific systems, and we will provide additional improvements with the next updates. Therefore, we still rely on your reports. Please get in touch with us in the Steinberg Forum if you are still experiencing issues after the update. We have improved the following features and functionalities MIDI Remote improvements We are very happy about all the positive feedback on the new MIDI Remote integration, and our team is enjoying the enthusiasm and ambition of the community to create their own surfaces and scripts very much. As mentioned earlier, we will improve the usability and functionalities of the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant and the MIDI Controller Surface Editor step by step. These are some of the new features in Cubase 12.0.20: The MIDI Controller Surface Editor now supports trigger pads and horizontal faders. Double-clicking on an item on a surface now opens the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant window. The MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant now allows to change mappings from "Fixed" to "Selected Track" to facilitate making your project-related mappings also globally available across different projects. We have added explanatory texts for some of the settings in the Mapping Configuration section of the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant. The header of a surface now offers a pop-up control to access some of the key functions like disabling the controller script or exporting the script. The "Import Script" function is now available when adding a device via the "+" button. Miscellaneous Render In-Place using option "Mixdown to One File" now works as expected. Selected "Apply" action in (Project) Logical Editor now works as expected. VariAudio note segments are now displayed correctly when editing multiple parts. Selecting an output for a channel in the Channel Settings Window now works as expected. We have improved the scrolling behavior in the Sample Editor when changing the event selection. The record file format in the project settings is now correct when a project is loaded after the application language was changed. Saving presets in the StepDesigner MIDI plug-in now works as expected. We have improved the performance with Vienna Pro Ensemble plug-ins. Fast Forward/Rewind buttons in the Transport Bar now work as expected. Writing automation in touch mode on linked VST MultiPanners now works as expected. Audio-Exporting a Job Queue can now be cancelled, as expected. Pitch curves are now shown for the currently active audio clip only when using VariAudio. The horizontal line of the Cross-Hair cursor is shown without an offset in the Key Editor. We have improved the handling of unavailable network drives when starting up the application. In the Markers window, attribute values ​​are now displayed correctly. Stability We have improved stability in the following areas: SpectraLayers as Track Extension Insert/Send Bypass Track Operations set up in the Project Logical Editor

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