WAVDSP - Analog Creator Collection v1.2.4.1

Analog Creator is the easiest way to get analog sound. Our model emulates real vintage hardware, and the software emulates all the quirks, imperfections, and sonic characteristics that come with it, including the 34H128, 5A12s, 1M73, 1B73, and 1X73. Add. Info : -34N128 Analog Creator The most popular vintage classic model based on a real analog hardware console. Emulates the real 34128. -5A12c Analog Creator Discrete analog tone from the 512 preamp. Adds warmth and energy to your track. Emulation of a real 512 on a 500 series model. -Analogue Creator 1M73 Classic British 73 on the M-series. Rich sound with impressive lows, assertive mids and sweet, airy highs. -Analog Creator 1B73 Classic British 73 on V series. Emulation with real transformers on V 500 series. Definitely soft, sweet.

WAVDSP - Analog Creator Collection v1.2.4.1File Size 7.4MB

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