Wings Music – Fire VST

Fire is a multiband distortion / downsampler plugin. Drive: has several distortion functions. There are two buttons “L” and “S” related to drive knob, and each means “Link” and “Safe”. “Link” means when your turn up drive knob, the output knob value will automatically reduce. “Safe” means if your drive knob pushes your volume too loud, it will automatically reduce your drive value. It also shows reduced value on drive knob. Compressor: you can change threshold and ratio for each band. Width: change audio width. Filter: you can set lowcut, highcut, and peak. Lowcut and highcut each has four slopes (12, 24, 36, 48) you can choose. Downsample: downsample your audio. HQ: 4x oversampling for high quality audio. A/B: switch between A/B to compare. Warning: This is early beta version. Don’t use it for production!

Wings Music – Fire VSTFile Size 1 MB

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