York Audio - 5153 412 VH20 (Kemper, WAV) [IR library]

York Audio 5153 412 VH20 Cab Pack based on 2006 EVH ™ 5150 III 4x12 cabinet, original Celestion ™ G12EVH speakers ... With deep and full lows, woody mids and smooth highs, this cabinet can reproduce great vintage Plexi Greenback tones. If you prefer warm or aggressive sounds, this cabinet will help you.

Additional Information
834 WAV
149 KIPR

Microphones used in this Cab Pack

57m - Based on a modern Shure™ SM57
57v - Based on a vintage Shure™ Unidyne III SM57
58 - Based on a Shure™ SM58
SM7 - Based on a Shure™ SM7b
421m - Based on a modern Sennheiser™ MD421
421v - Based on a vintage Sennheiser™ MD421
906 - Based on a Sennheiser™ e906

121- Based on a Royer™ R-121
160 - Based on a Beyerdynamic™ M160
N22 - Based on an AEA Nuvo™ N22

U47 - Based on a Telefunken™ U47
T49 - Based on a Neumann™ TLM 49

ROOM 1, 2, and 3 - Captured with a Telefunken™ U47
REAR 1 and 2 - Captured with a Telefunken™ U47
SIDE - Captured with a Telefunken™ U47

File Size : 75.2MB

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