Black Octopus Sound - Basement Freaks Presents Archipelago (WAV)

Archipelago is an adventurous collection for any producer looking to add Mediterranean excitement and flavor to their sound. Capture the essence of the fragrant island days and put it at your fingertips with a stunning collection of hand instruments including lute, acoustic and electric guitar, Foley recordings, melody and a host of Mediterranean percussion instruments. Including the sounds of a soulful lute found exclusively in the home of Basement Freaks, Crete, Greece.

With a total of 1GB of 212 loops and 94 single shots, these sounds are perfect for adding rhythm to a song and even heavier organic bass (check out the second half of the demo track for inspiration!) Each melodic and percussive loop has been crafted with a variety of contemporary genres in mind and recorded using advanced and analogue equipment, while still retaining the cultural essence that makes them so distinct and easy to dance to.

Additional Information
The acoustic instruments found in this set were recorded with an AKG 314 and OCTAVA MK 012. The Fender Jazzmaster was recorded through an AC15 Vox amplifier and tracked with an E 906 Sennheizer and SM 57. Percussion was recorded with an R102 Active Ribbon, and some AKG 314s in X/Y configurations. The end result went through a combination of SPL 9844 preamps, 4 AXR hybrid mic preamps with SILK emulation from Rupert Neve Designs, and finally Warm Audio WA-76 limiters for Compression and a Klark Teknik EQP - KT for tracking alignment.

Samples range from 70 to 166 bpm and you're sure to find a vast source of inspiration suitable for all skill levels. Whether you want to match loops to easily arrange an already professional-sounding piece of music, use them as opening songs, or process them however you like to play a part in a complex contemporary production. Each Key and Tempo pattern is labeled so you can easily add them directly to your project, ready to arrange as you wish, demonstrating just how versatile these patterns can be.

Soak up the amazing sounds of the Mediterranean with these percussion instruments that are so authentic you can almost smell the wood! Archipelago by Basement Freaks is now available on Black Octopus Sound.

File Size 1.16GB

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