Ghost Syndicate - Spiders - Mid Tempo Sample Pack (WAV)

SPIDERS is a mid-tempo bass backing sample whose genre is difficult to define but whose character is easy to imagine like a hopeless lair of creeping arachnids lurking everywhere, spinning their dangerous webs and waiting to jump out and sink their venom-soaked fangs into their unremarkable prey.

Additional Information
Size 546 mb
BPM 95
Bass Loops (including variations) 30
Drum Fills 10
Full Drum Loops (including variations) 15
Top Loops 15
Downlifter Fx Loops 10
Riser Fx Loops 5
Misc Fx Loops 10
Impacts Fx Loops 10
Music Loops 15
Synth Loops (including variations ) 20
Stem Kits (including full demos) 15
Claps 10
Fxs 12
Hats 20
Cymbals 10
Kicks 15
Open HiHats 10
Percussion Hits 10
Snares 10

File Size 520.6MB

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